Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum

Opening Day

On May 9, 2015, the museum began its 2015 Season featuring its new exhibit, Maidu Families of Indian Valley, an exhibit assembled by many loving dedicated people, so we can learn about and celebrate the heritage, legacy , traditions and lifetimes that walked this beautiful valley long before Europeans moved here.

 The Museum appreciates the many people who helped create this exhibit, including the following:
Ben Cunningham
Lacie Miles
Lorena Gorbet
Danny Manning
Marvin & Joyce Cunningham
Norma Petterson
Robertha Timmons
Seka Carpenter
Frenchy Mullen
Vivian Hansen
Diana Blevins
Mary Joseph
Harvey Merino
Dee Price
John Batson
Wilhelmina Ives
Clara Ives
Kristine Gorbet
Marlene Mullen
Levi Mullen
Doug Mullen
Norm Lamb
Katherine Musser Iglesias
Indian Valley Museum

As seen in the slide show above, it was well-attended, and I even noticed many damp eyes in the room as I took the photos.

​Website made possible and pictures provided by Herman Brown

Our Mission

The purpose for creating the Cy Hall Memorial Museum was to:
  1. Preserve, appreciate and share our local history with ourselves and others.
  2. Build community awareness and a sense of place in Indian Valley.
  3. Involve people of all ages to pass on our heritage.